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My name is Janneke Schuurman and Spirit Media Translations is my freelance business. I translate and transcreate content from English to Dutch to enable companies and organizations to grow and engage a Dutch audience.

I can support you with creative, fluent and culturally apt translations. If you are looking for a dedicated translator,  instead of an agency, I might be the right ally for you.




A good translation should be accurate and clear. But it should also sound natural, like it was originally written for a Dutch speaking audience. High-quality translations make it easier to build relationships with your clients and build credibility, especially if you are new in a specific market.

Is your corporate language culturally and politically appropriate? Sometimes simple translation isn’t enough to get your message through. That’s where transcreation comes in: a combination of translation and content creation. If you want to engage people or build your brand, transcreation is the way to go.

Form, style and structure matters, if you want to enhance readability of your press release, article or blog. Sentences should flow, otherwise readers will give up after a short while. A good translator does not just translate, but also enhances readability in the target language.


Along the way I’ve picked up a good deal of expertise, including in the following areas:  Human Resources – Marketing – Toys – Board Games – Movies – Art – Agriculture – Organic Farming  – Floriculture – Business – Economy – Journalism